Why we protest

•  Constant cruelty and confinment.


Bears, elephants, tigers, and other animals do not volunteer to leave their homelands and families in order to balance on balls, jump through rings of fire, and perform other menial tricks.

Circus animals do not have the ability to exercise their free will. They perform tricks and obey orders out of fear of pain, suffering, and retribution. Yet many people who attend the circus are under the illusion that the animals are happy and well cared for. Peaceful protests are a critical instrument in raising awareness of the plight of these animals with circus-goers and working towards a day when no animal finds itself tortured for entertainment.

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How to start

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CircusProtest.com was born out an idea that everyone has the power to make a difference.

Starting a circus protest might seem like an impossible task to do by yourself. We’re here to make it simple and effective. Benefit from our experience of nearly a decade of circus protests, and the knowledge we’ve gained by working on the frontlines. We know well what works and what problems a protest can present. By following our "start a circus protest" guide there is no reason why you cannot launch your own successful protest and start to turn the tide again circus cruelty in your region.

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Poster downloads

• Free high quality posters downloads.


Having clear, legible signage is crucial to getting your point across.

A poster that might look good from a few feet away might not be legible at ten feet away to circus goers. Some signs might look good during the day, but as it gets dark they might be hard to read. We have worked out many of these issues to provide you with free high-resolution poster download files.

Go to our poster download page and start preparing for your first protest today.

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